Rock solid

This time I will be building on rock… not sand.



Spend your days well :)

After watching Marley and Me last night (Movie 2008)  and literally cried myself into a new sinus block…. I realised again that goodbyes are inevitable.  No matter what kind, death, moving away, kids growing up or end of relationships.  Sooner or later we all have to do a goodbye. So just remember to appreciate it all. Take in as much as possible and try to make the most of every moment

, because time is one of the most precious gifts we receive daily!!

Have a well spend day to all your beautiful people!

clear glass with red sand grainer
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Everyone moves to their own beat.

s-l300“Come, come, come!!! Hurry up and move!” Now that right there, is me for you. Most of the time in a rush. One-two-one-two…. Not even time to count to three.

Drill sergeant. That is what I probably sound like most of the time to my kids…

Okay, to be absolutely honest, I don’t go around like that all the time. I have more of my hasty moments during times when I need to get somewhere or finish something. Usually in the mornings trying to get to work or in the evenings when I need to get my feet up.

Kids. They have a speedlimit of their own. No matter how much you try, they will do it at their own pace… Oh, man…  Super frustrating some days!!! Being late? Nah, not a problem. Going somewhere? Just need to try on ALL my shoes, because today nothing fits. Off to bed? Let’s just first go to the bathroom. Then I’m thirsty. Ah, gotta go to the bathroom again… Winning here? No. This is a battle that just can not be won!!

So what do I do? I stop. Take a breath… or two… Look at those faces that means everything to me. Smile (roll my eyes) and let them move at their own pace. You can’t control everyone and also not the tempo they move to. Sit back and appreciate the fact that all of us are different. If you want to run. Run! If you don’t, then move slower.

This mommy is still learning the meaning of patience and with every hug, smile,kiss and “I love you” I’m getting there! 🙂