Rock solid

This time I will be building on rock… not sand.



Spend your days well :)

After watching Marley and Me last night (Movie 2008)  and literally cried myself into a new sinus block…. I realised again that goodbyes are inevitable.  No matter what kind, death, moving away, kids growing up or end of relationships.  Sooner or later we all have to do a goodbye. So just remember to appreciate it all. Take in as much as possible and try to make the most of every moment

, because time is one of the most precious gifts we receive daily!!

Have a well spend day to all your beautiful people!

clear glass with red sand grainer
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Is it real or not


Sometimes I really have to tell myself “Just trust for once!”  The thing is, after several dissapointments … you tend to… just never believe anything.

So when someone tells me one thing, I can not help but to wonder if it is even the truth. Is it real or not?? Obviously you want to believe it all…. it is just that your heart and brain functions seperately. The one or the other… That is why it is so important not to break someones’ trust.  Cause the scar it leaves never heals completely, making it a bit unfair…

Oh, well. My advise, try your very best to believe that! Perhaps…just perhaps that person is honest and is meant to be. To heal a scar that you think is impossible to forget!!!!